One of Tokyo’s Biggest Taxi Apps Simple.Smart.Speedy.


The taxi app that allow users calling
a taxi with a single action

Tokyo is always a busy place. That’s why we want to make getting around easier.
S.RIDE is a taxi app for busy people.
Users can call a taxi with one swipe and quickly the nearest taxi belonging to one of
Tokyo’s largest networks dispatched to their location.
Payments are also cashless and speedy.
Being able to do something as par for the course makes every day a little bit better.
We make getting around Tokyo a little more comfortable.



One Slide Taxi Dispatch

The app is used with a single action. Once the app is opened, one swipe of the finger will have the nearest taxi coming to pick you up. There is no need for detailed adjustments as the taxi pick-up location will be automatically adjusted for you. Travel will be smoother if you enter your destination while you wait. We got you covered even if you run into trouble suddenly since drivers can be contacted easily with text messages.



Cashless Means Your Trip Ends Smoothly

Taxi rides can be paid for online if you register your credit card with the app beforehand. The app also allows customers to make use of a unique2D barcode payment service called S.RIDE Wallet. Users can undertake payment procedures while on the move by merely scanning the 2D barcode displayed on the backseat monitor using the app on their smartphone. This means that customers can finish their trip taxi smoothly without having to spend time dealing with cash. Service usage statements can be issued using the app as well, so you don’t need to worry about losing them.



One of Tokyo’s Biggest Network

The nearest taxi to your location will be dispatched from among a list of taxis belonging to one of Tokyo’s largest taxi networks. Users can get to their destination smoothly without wasting any time at all.



Six companies partnered with S.RIDE, with taxis being dispatched throughout
Tokyo’s 23 wards and in the Musashino and Mitaka districts.

Taxis are dispatched within Tokyo’s 23 wards and in the Musashino and Mitaka districts.
We are partnered with GREEN CAB, Kokusai motorcars, Kotobuki Kotsu, Daiwa Motor Transportation,
Checker-Cab and Greater Tokyo Privately Owned Taxi Co-operative Society.
This means users get secure and comfortable support for their travels.

  • GREEN CAB Co.,Ltd.
  • Kokusai motorcars Co.,Ltd.
  • Kotobuki Kotsu Co.,Ltd.
  • Daiwa Motor Transportation Co.,Ltd.
  • Checker-cab Co.,Ltd
  • Private taxi