"S.RIDE Premium" is a subscription plan (3,480 yen per month) that allows you to use special functions that make traveling more comfortable. By specifying the type of wagon at the time of dispatching "call now", the "Wagon type taxi dispatch" function makes it possible to dispatch wagons such as Alphard, a luxury wagon that can accommodate up to 6 people.

Always your ride more comfortable

A spacious and comfortable ride is realized in a large car with a maximum of 6 people and a lot of luggage.

No extra fee
Any number of times

"S.RIDE Premium" members can use designated wagon type taxi as many times as they like without additional fees.

There are two types of wagon type taxis that can be dispatched by specifying a taxi: High-grade wagon(Alphard/Vellfire) and Standard wagon(Esquire/Serena). is also possible.

“S.RIDE Premium” members can dispatch wagon type taxi any number of times without additional fees. A spacious and comfortable ride is realized in a large car when there is a lot of luggage or a group.

Wagon type taxi designation function

  • ■ Service area
    Tokyo 23 wards, Musashino City, Mitaka City
  • ■ How to use
    "S.RIDE Premium" members only If a wagon type taxi is nearby, a wagon taxi icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the app screen. You can dispatch a wagon by tapping this icon.
  • ■ Wagon type that can be dispatched
    High-grade wagon (Alphard, Vellfire)
    Standard Wagon (Esquire, Serena)
  • ■ Caution
    ・"S.RIDE Premium" members can select and dispatch only when there are wagon type taxis nearby.・Even if you specify a wagon type taxi, you can use it only for the normal taxi fee (fare, pick-up fee, etc.), and there is no separate vehicle type selection fee.・Update to the latest application is required.