A Platform
for Taxi Operators,
by Taxi Operators

Contributing to social infrastructure
with a fair and transparent common platform


A Highly Convenient Mobility Service
To pursue a mobility service that is more convenient for taxi riders.
Easy to Join
To provide a flexible, high-quality service that taxi operators of various sizes around the country can easily take part in.
Reduction in Risk and Burden
To provide functions and services which serve to reduce risk and burden levels for drivers assisting people in getting around.
Utilization of AI and IT
We will create a new mobility platform for the world, which leverages new technologies such as AI and IT.


Company Name :

Date Established :
May 31, 2018

Head Office Location :
1-24-2 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016 Japan

Business Details :
Planning and service provision of software, systems and other platforms for the dispatch of taxis for taxi operators and other such companies

Representative Director and President :
Kenji Nishiura (Sony Corporation)

Full-Time Director :
Yasuo Takano (GREEN CAB Co., Ltd.)

Part-Time Director :
Hisashi Tamai (Sony Corporation)

Part-Time Director :
Tetsuo Koyama (Daiwa Motor Transportation Co.,Ltd.)

Part-Time Director :
Shinji Tanaka (Kokusai motorcars Co., Ltd.)

Part-Time Auditor :
Toshihiro Akiyama (Checker-Cab Co., Ltd.)

Part-Time Auditor :
Toru Kuwahara (Sony Payment Services Inc.)



Inquiries: info@sride.co.jp